Our Eco-Friendly Garden & Lawn Care Philosophy

The art of gardening and gardeners trained in this honorable art are being replaced with landscape maintenance contractors.

Due to the pressures on margins, regulatory demands and just flat out poor training, many landscape companies use untrained labor and chemical dependent approaches to get the job done quickly with little regard to the local environment or your health. We at EcoGardeners are concerned about your health and the beauty of your garden. We have developed a new approach to the garden maintenance service. We know our methods take more physical effort and can be more time consuming, but you can take pride in the result. Your landscape benefits you, the environment as a whole, and also benefits your community. Let us help you lower your carbon footprint by converting your garden into an EcoGarden.

Our landscapes and gardens are an integral part of nature.

The way we have been maintaining them in the past, such as “Mow Blow & Go”, can be harmful to our environment and hazardous to your health. Gasoline-powered lawn mowers represent 5% of the U.S. air pollution. One gas mower running for an hour emits the same amount of pollutants as eight new cars driving 55 mph for the same amount of time. Gasoline-powered leaf blowers can reach or exceed 100 decibels to the 85-decibel level achieved by our electric powered leaf blowers and are considered above the threshold for noise limits and optimal hearing health. Synthetic Nitrates from fertilizers and pesticides eventually find their way by means of runoff into our waterways, beaches, and marine life.

At EcoGardeners we have developed new approaches to your landscapes and gardens.

We do not use gas-powered equipment, our primary equipment is the broom, leaf rake, and pruning shear. We also use non-motorized battery-operated equipment based on the size of the property. Your lawn will be maintained by non-motorized battery-operated lawnmowers and weeds will be pulled by hand rather than using toxic synthetic chemicals. Fertilizers and pest control are all-natural or organic and only used on as needed basis.

EcoGardeners is proud of our approach to garden maintenance, we are looking forward to keeping your garden eco-friendly.


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