san diego california climate action plan
Photo by Andres Garcia on Unsplash

Ecogardeners' business model very much parallels the City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan.

Originally Published December 2015

With the goal of creating a cleaner, San Diego for future generations, the City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan calls for eliminating half of all greenhouse gas emissions in the City and aims for all electricity used in the city to be from renewable sources by 2035.

The Climate Action Plan is a package of policies that will benefit San Diego’s environment and economy. It will help create new jobs in the renewable energy industry, improve public health and air quality, conserve water, more efficiently use existing resources, increase clean energy production, improve quality of life, and save taxpayer money.

Ecogardeners has done a careful evaluation of gas-powered landscape equipment and recognized the need for a better method. By using battery-powered landscape maintenance equipment, we recognized that it is better for our clients, better for our employees, and better for the environment. We feel we are doing our part.

County of San Diego Climate Action Plan Update Introduction