Organic Landscapers

Organic Landscapers is Eco Gardeners piece of mind. Eco Gardener’s future is to make every community in Southern California Organic Landscapers.

Like Money in the Bank

The initial cost investment of a battery powered handheld from Husqvarna may be higher than the gas-fuelled equivalent but this will position you and your team of organic landscapers for the future. The savings from the gas you’ll never have to buy will soon outweigh that first cost. Furthermore, the lifetime is as long as that of gas-driven products, but there are fewer parts to be served and the electronically-controlled drive system means less downtime and low operational costs for organic gardening in general. In the long run, a battery powered electric cordless product can be a real money saver for organic landscapers so you can make your garden a one of a kind master piece creation. After all This Is Your Garden!

Here are 2 examples of what Eco Gardeners uses to position themselves as the new generation of Organic Landscapers:

Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable

Milorganite has been recycling since 1926, to make a nutrient-rich byproduct that is transformed into a highly effective fertilizer. There are no mined resources or synthetics in Milorganite.

  • Milorganite has been proven effective for over 90 years
  • It’s goof-proof, so you won’t burn your lawn or garden
  • It’s a slow-release fertilizer that feeds for up to 10 weeks

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The Husqvarna BLi950X Battery Backpack uses a lithium-ion battery to provide long-lasting power for commercial daily usage. The high capacity (31.1 Ah) backpack battery provides the highest productivity and longest runtime. Robust design guaranteed for daily outdoor work in all weathers. LED charge indicators on the battery pack, plus exact battery charge percentage readable from adapter simplifies work planning for the user. The advanced ergonomic harness allows a perfect fit, and the easily detachable battery pack means users can share batteries freely without swapping harnesses. Detachable support foot for free-standing use ensures all-day comfort and productivity and reduces the risk of the harness getting wet and dirty. Be ready for organic gardening at it’s highest level with the Husqvarna BLi950X Battery Backpack, geared for all your gasless gardening needs.